Why it’s important to consider where you place banners and banner stands

Why it’s important to consider where you place banners and banner stands

Banners and banner stands can have a place in almost any type of business, and whether you are a B2B or B2C organisation, there’ll always be some way for you to get the most out of banners and banner stands. From inside your place of business, to the entrance or even a trade show, banners and banner stands can be a great way of grabbing the attention of your customer. Catching your customers eye and getting their attention takes more than some colourful graphics or big offers; where you place your banner will also have an effect, and here’s why.

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Your customer needs to be able to see your banner stand

Let’s face it, there’s no point in creating a banner or banner stand if your customers aren’t going to see it. Once you have your design signed off and your banner printed, it’s important to decide the best place to put your banner. Whether it is indoors, outdoors or at a show, your banner needs to get your message in front of the right people – your customers.

Positioning a banner in a shop or place of business

One of the most common places for businesses to use banners and banner stands is in their place of business. This is particularly popular in B2C organisations like retail outlets and allows you to highlight things like product benefits or special offers. If you are planning to use a banner or banner stand in your shop, you need to make sure any key message is at eye level. Place your banner close to the entrance so that your customers see it as soon as they enter your shop or place of business. You can also consider investing in pop up banner stands to create a real visual impact instore with products.

Grab the attention outside your place of business


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It’s not just inside that banners and banner stands can work, especially vinyl banners. Utilise the area around your business premises to promote your offering. From your wall to a fence or gate, ensure your banner cannot be missed by potential customers walking or driving past. This means keeping your message clear and simple and making it easy to read. Sale signs and special events work well on external banners.

Make an impact at a trade show

Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions are all popular choices for banners and banner stands. One big advantage of this is the fact that banners and banner stands can be easily transported to and from different shows. As with inside and outside your place of business, it’s important to ensure your potential customers can see the offering on your banner stand. Avoid placing any banner stand behind a table, as all information needs to be clearly seen. Also, be sure to pull up banners are placed at the side of any table, and if you are using pop up banners, don’t block any of your key messages.

Placement is just as important as design

Where you plan to use position your banner stand is just as important as the design of your banner. Give careful consideration into what all is required in the design and print stage of your banner or banner stand, and also give consideration to how you plan to use it and where you are going to place it.

Whether it’s indoors, outdoors or on the road, your banner stand needs to be placed somewhere that will ensure maximum visibility. Regardless of the design and how good it looks, be sure to remember that your message will only be effective if your audience can physically see it, and understand what is being said.

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