5 Top Tips for Creative Postcard Printing

5 Top Tips for Creative Postcard Printing

Postcard PrintingCreative postcards are colorful, engaging and short on words. They provide a great opportunity to effectively increase sales without breaking the bank and a well-executed postcard campaign with creative content will consistently get high response rates. As with all of your marketing, there are ways to make your postcards more effective and get you noticed. To help you, we’ve drawn on our 20 years’ experience to give you our top 5 tips for printing postcards.

1) Make a great
Postcard printing lets you promote exclusive offers or services. Grab the attention of new and existing customers with:

– Special offers
– Discounts and sale offers
– Free products & services
– Coupons

Use whatever you think will work best for your customers. What are they likely to respond to? Offers and discounts can be qualified with an expiry date or a condition like “on presenting this postcard”. Try to think like your customers and offer them something different from your competitors.

2) Think about your content
Use short and engaging headlines to get attention and pique curiosity, but don’t fill your postcard with too much text making it look cluttered. You could try including a famous quote or an amusing joke to bring a smile to the face of the person reading it. You want the reader to contact you, so don’t give everything away.

3) Use great design
Don’t cut corners on the look of your printed postcard. A tacky or cheap design could lead to your card being discarded before it’s even read. Good use of colour, graphics and images will make your card stand out. If you’re not sure about design, bring in a designer or check out some of the ideas and styles on our website.

Printing Postcards

4) Card choice is vital
Make sure your postcard looks and feels professional. While your paper choice and finish may well depend on the purpose of your card and your target market, it’s always important that your printed postcard gives the right impression of your business. We stock a huge range of paper stock from high quality standard card, right up to our premium luxury finishes, so you’re sure to find the one which suits your need.

5) Pick a size to suit your message
As well as the standard postcard size, digitalprinting.co.uk print in a range of sizes, depending on your needs. For example, larger postcards will stand out more in the mail, but smaller cards will fit easily into pockets at trade shows and events. You can see the full range of sizes on our website and we can print on both sides if necessary, giving you more room for your content.

Postcard printing offers your business a great opportunity to connect with new customers or keep in touch with existing clients. You can include a postcard with a product, leave one with a prospective customer after a meeting or send one to re-establish an old contact. Whether using to sell, upsell or simply say “Hello”, postcards are a proven way to drive response and increase sales. To see how printing postcards can help your business, have a look on digitalprinting.co.uk or contact our expert team today.



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