Poster Power!

Poster Power!

Creating poster campaigns that work.
When it comes to running an effective print advertising campaign, you’ll be hard pushed to beat poster power!


Of course, there are a great many messages fighting for our attention, so how can you ensure your poster campaign gets noticed among the multiple promotions that bombard us every day?

Identify your target
Who is your target market? You should know who is likely to buy your products or go to your event. Your design, style, wording and language of your poster should be tailored to those you want to see it.

Location, location, location
Whether advertising indoor, outdoor or both, you should think carefully about where to put your posters. You’ve identified your target market, so where do they go? Like any advertising, a poster campaign will be much more effective when seen by the right people, so make sure yours are located wherever your prospective customers are likely to be.

Keep it simple
You may have a lot to say, but don’t try to say it all on one poster or you’ll dilute your main message. People won’t bother to stop and read a great deal of text. With poster advertising, inside or out, you have a very small amount of time to grab attention and get your message across.

Grab attention!
Remember, people don’t choose to be exposed to poster advertising. It’s all around them. And there’s a lot of it, so make sure yours is the one that jumps out and grabs them with a great headline or striking visual. One reason our posters are such big sellers is the quality of our print. Small or large, you need your poster to look vibrant and alive. customers know that what’s we do and that’s why they come back to us again and again.

Better by Design
Whatever your product, service or event, your poster absolutely must look professional. We’ll make your design look as good as it can in print, but if design isn’t your forte, call in a designer. If you are up to the job but need some ideas, have a look at our Facebook Page to see some of the brilliantly designed posters we’ve printed for our customers.

At, we supply 10 sizes of outdoor posters, from 6 sheet adshels to our biggest selling 48 and 96 sheet billboard posters. For indoor use we have 10 more sizes starting at A4 and going right up to 530mm x 1524mm. Our large top quality HP Indigo digital and large format presses produce rich, distinctive colours and stunning images, so inside or out, your posters will look great! Our customers know that we supply only the finest quality print, and poster advertising probably costs a lot less than you think.

For more info, advice or to price and order your poster, contact our expert team or visit today!



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