The power of printed brochures

The power of printed brochures

Printed brochures play a big part in the marketing and promotional mix for many businesses, regardless of size, stature or industry. While billboards can often make a real visual impact to customers who are on the move (be it on foot, in transport or at the airport), brochures are the most powerful printed marketing tool to telling a story – really showcasing what it is you offer. With Christmas quickly approaching and your thoughts turning to your business opportunities in 2015, we take a look at the power of printed brochures and why they should be part of your 2015 printing mix.

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Why should you use brochures

Let’s start with the biggest reason to use brochures; they give you a real physical presence with your customers. Wonderfully designed 48 and 96 sheet billboards can really look the part for your brand but sometimes there’s nothing quite like giving your customers something they can physically hold in their hand and take home to read at their own leisure.

While it’s true that this can be the case for leaflets and flyers, brochures allow you to be more detailed with your offering. Not only this, you can also present your brand in a way that you want to be viewed through the paper you use when printing your brochure. Thicker pages and luxury card for the cover will help give customers a real sense of value, luxury and quality in relation to your brand when it comes to using your brochure. If you want to be seen as cheap and cheerful, then you can do this as well.

Use brochures to tell a story

Brochures have a place in all walks of life and all forms of business. From global PLC’s to academic and government organisations, right down to start-up companies looking to create awareness, brochures can be extremely powerful in helping share your story. Why is this you ask? Well, as brochures tend to be more detailed than leaflets in terms of both page length and content, your customers are more likely to take the time to read through them. They will only do this off course if it is clear and easy to read.
Ensure you use every page to tell your story and whether you are promoting a range of products, services or even courses, have a structure in place that your customer can easily follow. This will also make it easier for your customers to return to the brochure at the point they want in the future.

Get creative with your brochure

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One final point when it comes to using printed brochures is the ability to get a little creative with them. This can be achieved by including leaflet inserts or designing your brochure so that it folds out to provide lots of information on one large poster like print. A fold out brochure allows you to get all the detail of a standard brochure with the added impact that you tend to get from using posters, flyers and even banners.

Let us help you tell your next story

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