5 Clever Examples of Collaborative Print and Digital Marketing

5 Clever Examples of Collaborative Print and Digital Marketing

Print Marketing and Digital MarketingDigital and print are more powerful when paired as a collaborative marketing effort and by learning how they work together, you can get much more mileage out of your marketing. We have listed 5 clever examples of how print marketing and digital marketing are more powerful together.

1) Postcards
Postcards are great promotional items for business, notifying clients of upcoming attractions, invitations or announcements. A powerful integrated marketing strategy is to promote your website via direct-mail postcards. Motivate a response with a time-limited discount code which will allow you to easily track response rate and return on investment.

2) Business Cards
A high quality business card sets the tone for your business, not just making a great impression but creating a lasting one too. It’s often said people don’t do business with companies, they do business with people. Therefore, don’t forget to feature at least one social media profile on your business card. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus, your business card will provide an excellent opportunity to invite potential customers to connect with you online via social media.

3) Stickers
In today’s saturated marketplace it’s more important than ever to think of new and innovative ways to grab attention. Sticker marketing is a great way to get your website address in front of prospective customer and make sure they want to find out more. Relevant sticker placement is important to reach your target audience but you can get creative by placing stickers in usual areas for more of an impact.

4) Flyers
A well designed flyer will stir emotion and will make sure that you grab attention for all the right reasons. You can print flyers with a special URL or QR codes to track website conversions. All marketing material should have a strong call-to-action to encourage potential customers to visit your website or social media channels.

5) Testimonials
Social media facilitates a very powerful marketing tool – customer feedback. Why not take advantage of online consumer reviews on Facebook, Twitter or community forums. As marketers, we fight an uphill battle against consumer trust – displaying genuine reactions to your product or services within your printed campaign will build trust.

Combining your efforts into print marketing and digital marketing will definitely be a winning situation. The key to combining the two platforms is finding harmony where both digital and print complement each other. Do you have any good examples of print marketing and digital marketing campaigns? Tell us on Facebook or in our comment section below. 


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