Perfect Partners: The Power of Print and Digital Marketing

Perfect Partners: The Power of Print and Digital Marketing

marketing & printWith the upsurge of digital marketing, it’s easy to forget just how important and successful print marketing is for your business. Print continues to grow and is hugely effective when used alongside your digital marketing.

Print media – the personal connection
Half of small business owners rely on printed media due to its proven results in attracting new customers and generating repeat business, with 73% using a combination of both printed and digital marketing. People today receive many digital messages so a piece of direct mail really stands out. A great advantage of digital printing is that your mail can be personalised with the name of the recipient, which is hugely effective in building and maintaining relationships.

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Print driving digital
Using your printed marketing as a tool to drive traffic to your website, apps or social medium really increases visitor numbers and grows your sales. Our customers use a vast range of printed products in tandem with their online presence, including:

Postcards to web
Targeted, printed postcards are great for pushing traffic to your website. You can include offers or teasers, product examples and even a QR code to take customers directly to your website.

Table advertising to web
In clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants, quality printed flyers or leaflets entice people to check out your website for listings, services and offers.

Newsletters to social media
Monthly or quarterly newsletters let new and prospective customers know of offers, products and services, while being informative and entertaining for readers. A good newsletter will build interest and see readers follow your social media pages, so make sure you help them by giving clear details of where to find you.

Stickers to online print a large number of stickers for customers. Stickers can go where other advertising can’t and a well printed, creative sticker campaign will drive traffic to your website and social media pages. We supply a huge range of styles and types of stickers, so have a look at our website to see some ideas and get inspired!

Posters and flyers
Whatever the main purpose of your poster or flyers, a visible call to your online media will see people check out your pages for more info. Even if your printed material contains only basic information, people will remember your online details and visit your website for more details.

Consistency counts
It’s important to keep your brand, design and message consistent across all your printed and digital media. Do this and your business will be recognisable and remembered wherever it’s seen.

Making your print work for you
With over 20 years’ experience of supplying the best quality print to our customers, we’ve seen and moved with the changes to stay at the forefront of the industry. For more ideas or advice on how to make your printed and digital marketing work together for your business, simply contact our team at and let us help drive your business forward.

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