Compliment your business – The many advantages of compliment slips

Compliment your business – The many advantages of compliment slips
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The compliment slip is sometimes seen as an afterthought when posting a letter, or sending products in the mail to existing and prospective customers. However, you’re missing a great promotional opportunity if you don’t realise the marketing potential of your compliment slip.

Compliment slips promote your brand
Every time someone sees your logo or corporate ID, they become more aware of your brand. Having opened their package or received their mail, they’ll look at everything inside – and that includes your compliment slip. Of course, the design should be in step with your other stationery and marketing, increasing awareness of your brand. We print a great number of compliment slips for customers as part of their stationery or business packages, so have a look at our website to see some examples of good design working across all stationery and marketing.

They show a personal touch
Writing a simple message on your compliment slip shows the recipient that they aren’t just one of hundreds of people you’ve targeted. If you’re sending a product, a simple “Thank you” can go a long way. If you’re sending information, a short message shows the customer that you care about their business. Even when sending an invoice, including a compliment slip with a short thank your message can lead to repeat business and help build long lasting – and profitable – relationships.

Customers like to feel they’re getting a personal service and a short, hand-written note on a compliment slip shows you care about their business.

Compliment slips give a professional impression of your business.
Every piece of marketing you use says something about your business. A well-printed compliment slip on quality paper will show the recipient that they’re dealing with a professional business.

Don’t forget that your compliment slip, along with the rest of your stationery, can be printed on any one of a huge range of premium or luxury papers. supply a huge range of paper styles and finishes, so have a look at the options available. From your business cards to your letterheads and compliment slips, your stationery tells a prospective customer a lot about your business. Good design, great print quality and quality paper are vital to make the right impression.

Designed to promote your business
We typically print compliment slips in 1/3 A4 and A6 size. Either option gives you a sizable area to promote your business. That doesn’t mean you should clutter your slip with graphics or information. The front should show only your logo, details and branding, leaving plenty of space. You can also print on the rear, where a solid colour can be very effective. Or maybe you want to list a few products or services. The back of your compliment slip is a great place to give added information on your business or services without cluttering up or taking away from look of the front.

print compliment slips

Our website shows plenty of examples of compliment slips and other stationery we’ve supplied in over 25 years of printing for our customers, so if you’d like some ideas, prices or advice, head over to  or contact our expert team today.


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  1. Digital Printing Isabella

    Compliment slips are still important for businesses today. Don’t be fooled by thinking that digital marketing is the only type of marketing you need – there is still a place for print marketing, and the benefits of compliment slips alone prove this.


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