Say It With Stickers!

Say It With Stickers!
Printed Stickers

You’ve seen them; on windows, walls, cars – everywhere! Eye-catching stickers promoting anything and everything, Guerilla marketing is a hugely effective advertising technique.

Good sticker campaigns work because people talk about them. And that means people are taking about your company; your brand; your product. Here are a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of your sticker campaign.

Keep it Simple

We can print stickers in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, but remember, the purpose of a sticker campaign is not to list your services, event or products. It’s to play on people’s natural curiosity; pique their interest. You can’t fit your brochure on a sticker. But you can persuade your target customers to seek out your brochure themselves.

Get Creative!

Don’t just put your logo on a sticker and hope people will look you up. Tease them with a question or image. Whatever you choose, your aim is to have them contact you or visit you online. Your digitally printed sticker can be extremely colourful or more simply designed. The important thing is that it stands out and gets noticed!

Target the Right People

You know who your prospective customers are, so put your stickers where those people go. We’ll print on easy-peel self-adhesive material which will stick to any surface; or we’ll print on a wide choice of paper or card you can place on tables and counters, or in books and magazines.

Think Differently

The custom-designed nature of stickers means that there really are no limits to where they can go. Cillit BANG even designed and placed stickers on coins which retailers gave out as change, showing the coin half clean and half dirty. Think past normal advertising methods and we’ll bring your ideas to life in imaginative and innovative ways.


Time your sticker campaign to work with your other media. Your stickers are the perfect way to support your poster, point of sale, flyer and online campaigns. We’re ready to help you turn your idea into a coordinated and effective advertising campaign.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Printed StickersAt, we take great pride in the work we do. Our fast and efficient service has gained us thousands of satisfied customers and we’d love you to join them.

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Printed Stickers