Perfect Postcards

Perfect Postcards

Get the best from your printed postcards


They’re handy, cost-effective and powerful. Printed postcards can really help your business and increase sales. Of course, as with all your printed marketing, it’s important to ask yourself a few simple questions to make sure your postcard advertising gets the best results.

What are my goals?
Before you decide on the design or content of your printed postcard, you need to clearly define the goals and objectives of your campaign. Be specific about what you want to achieve. Remember that postcards are best used to generate a response. Whereas, if you just want to build brand awareness, you should consider poster and sticker marketing.

What is my target market?
Who do you want to see your postcards? Where do these people go? What do they want or need? Once you know the answers, you can really start to work on the design and message for your printed postcard.

How will my postcards be distributed?
Are you sending your postcards by mail or inserting them in brochures or magazines? Maybe they’re for an event, or will they be placed in a club or restaurant? How and where they’re distributed will affect the content, size and finish of your postcard. The most popular postcard size is A6, but we also supply printed postcards in A7, A5, DL and 148 x 148mm.

If your postcard needs to be long lasting or go through the post, you might want to laminate it for extra strength. You can choose from finishes such as silk, which has a smooth feel and discreet sheen, gloss for a shiny surface and smooth finish, or uncoated, which is more absorbent with a soft, tactile finish making it great to write on.

What should my postcard say?
Once you know your objectives and have identified your target market, you’re ready to decide on your message. Remember, the aim is not to list all your services, but to attract attention. Keep your message simple and avoid complex language. A good headline is key in grabbing attention and of course, great offers always get you noticed.

What about the design?
The design of your postcard is vital in both getting your message across and projecting the right image for your business. Your logo should be noticeable and your branding consistent with your other printed marketing, such as leaflets, brochures or posters. Images and graphics should be clean, sharp and professional. Hire a professional designer if necessary. There’s a lot of competition out there, so make sure your printed postcard stands out for the right reasons. Have a look at to see examples of great postcard design and get inspired!

Paper choice is also important. We’ve a huge range of paper styles, from premium uncoated to our luxury papers and we’ll print on weights of up to 350gsm. There are recycled options too.

Remember that the design, style and finish of your postcard are all important if your postcard campaign is to be a success. To find out more about how we help our customers produce the perfect printed postcards and how we can print postcards to really help your business, visit or contact our expert team today!