Why it pays to go green when printing leaflets

Why it pays to go green when printing leaflets

In years gone by, recycled material was always synonymous with a lesser quality in the printing world. While it was considered good for the environment and often a cheaper alternative, recycled paper just didn’t seem to meet the mark in terms of quality. These days, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, there are certain types of recycled materials that may not be entirely suitable for your printing requirement. But, on the whole recycled material has climbed up the quality ranks and is not only a great and green alternative, it also makes financial sense.

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Below we take a look at some of the best recycled paper solutions for your business and their environmental and printing properties.

The Howard Smith Paper Group:

9lives 55 Silk:

This paper can be used for high quality coated printing on leaflets, business cards, folders, posters, letterheads and compliment slips. 9lives 55 is FSC certified and is manufactured with 55% recycled fibre content. It has a smooth surface and is resistant to ageing, as well as having an excellent over all visual performance.



Cocoon 50/50 silk:

Cocoon 50/50 silk is one of the recycled papers we stock here at Digital Printing. It is a coated recycled paper that is manufactured using a totally chlorine free process and is also certified as FSC. This recycled paper is of the same performance standard as non recycled paper, with excellent standards in runnability, printability and whiteness. Cocoon Silk also has an exceptionally high quality surface, which brings out the best in printed images.

Premier Paper Group:

Evolution Silk 100:

Evolution 100 Silk is another high performing FSC certified recycled paper and board range manufactured using 100% post consumer recycled fibre. It is also another one of the recycled paper we supply here at Digital Printing. Evolution 100 Silk carries the FSC 100% recycled label and the range is available in both a selection of paper and board weights, making it great for leaflet printing and other of your business printing needs.

Premier Paper Group:

Evolution Pure 100 Uncoated:

Evolution Pure 100 Uncoated is the last of the range of recycled papers that we supply and it is another FSC certified recycled paper. It is board range manufactured using 100% post consumer recycled fibre. Like Evolution 100 Silk, Evolution Pure 100 carries the FSC 100% recycled label. Evolution Pure 100 Uncoated is an outstanding high quality pure white offset paper offering exceptional runnability press speeds and bulk advantages.


Optimum Recycled Paper Recycled +:

An extremely high performing high white paper. This Recycled + paper is designed to give a excellent performance in laser printers and copiers. This line of paper has been awarded the EU Ecolabel product (awarded to products that are produced according to strict ecological and performance criteria) and the NAPM Recycled Paper Mark (UK only – awarded to paper or board manufactured from a minimum of 50%, 75% or 100% genuine recovered fibre, no part of which can contain mill produced waste).

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You can also read our environmental policy to find out why we’re big on going green here at Digital Printing.


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