Quick, simple and professional – Saddle Stitched Documents

Quick, simple and professional – Saddle Stitched Documents

Saddle Stitched Documents So your publication’s ready for print. Excellent! Now, how best to print it and put it together?

Well, saddle stitching is one of the many options we offer for magazines, documents, brochures or other booklets and if your publication is 48 pages or less, it could be perfect for you. Of course, our team can help you decide what’s best, but here are a few pointers to help you decide if saddle stitched is the way to go!

What are saddle stitched booklets?

Saddle stitching refers to a method in which sheets of paper are stacked together and stapled through the centre fold line. The staples go through the crease from the outside and close between the centremost pages of the booklet. If you’ve more than 24 printed pages, we’ll square off the spine to stop your document from springing open.

Why choose saddle stitched?

Saddle stitched is a very cost effective way to bind your publication and can be used for very short production runs. This along with the short turnaround time makes digital printing and saddle stitching perfect partners in print! You can choose from a great range of sizes, paper styles and weights. You might want your cover heavier than the internal pages, or maybe you prefer it to be exactly the same weight (self-covering). This spreads open fully, so your design and images can cover two pages, and with the sharp, vibrant colours achievable through digital printing, your images and graphics will really jump out. Also, saddle stitched booklets or brochures are light and fold flat, making them great for mailing and stacking.

A few hints and tips.

Saddle StitchedSaddle stitched documents, brochures and booklets can be produced quickly and are great value for money, but if you’re going for a saddle stitched booklet, do keep your publication to a maximum of 48 printed pages so that it will fold neatly. Your centre spread will be one sheet with just a fold in the middle, so it’s great for large images or graphics which can print continuously across the whole spread.

No other form of binding gives you this. For text, leave a reasonable margin on the inside of the page where they meet. Also leave a margin on the outside of the page so that text isn’t too close to the edge when trimmed.

Remember, if you need help or advice regarding saddle stitched booklets or want to chat about how Digital Printing can help you or your business, just contact us or visit www.digitalprinting.co.uk

Saddle Stitched Documents