Stand proud with your banner stand in 2015

Stand proud with your banner stand in 2015

You might be wondering why we’re starting to talk about next year already, but the fact is, there are only 7 weeks left in 2014 and for most companies the final touches are being put to marketing plans for the upcoming year. This means looking at the coming 12 months and planning your marketing and promotional activities accordingly. From your online and offline advertising to trade shows and conferences, there’s always somewhere or some way for you to get your message out there. As you put the finishing touches to your plan, we want to take a look at banner stands and why you should stand proud with them in the coming 12 months.

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Using banner stands to promote your business in 2015

Talk about your brand

Like anything that is visual, banner stands provide you with a platform to talk about your brand. If you have a great product or service then let people know about it – shout about it. Banner stands are used in all types of business from large multinationals to small sole traders. From the local hairdressers to the global pharmaceutical firm, banner stands are regularly used as a quick way to let potential customers know how you can help them. What makes you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t just include banner stands because they are a cost effective marketing tool. Use banner stands in 2015 because they have a purpose! Create a design that will captivate your customer base and provide information on it that will inform them. Treat your banner stand as if it were an ad for a paper. Would you just randomly throw some text, colour and artwork onto a page and get it published in a paper? If the answer is yes then we worry for you. Create a banner stand that you will be proud to put your name to, one that shows a touch of quality and class, and more importantly, something that shows time and effort has been put into making it. This will grab your customers attention.

Use, use and use again

One of the best things about banner stands, whether they are pull up banners, pop up banners or vinyl banners, is the fact that they can be used over and over again. Take them from trade show to trade show, city to city or even place them in different locations in your shop to see what works best. You shouldn’t get a banner stand and use it only once. Banners by nature are easy to transport and store making them a perfect solution for a promotional tool you can take on the go with you. If you are looking to keep your promotional costs down in 2015 but still have something that will create impact with your customers, then a banner stand could be just what you are after.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean cheerful

Banner stands, particular pull up banners can be an extremely cost effective marketing tool. They are a cheap way to get your message out there, but cheap doesn’t always have to mean cheerful or poor quality. Here at our banner stands are made with an aluminium frame giving them the strength and quality required as you take them on the go. Forget about your plastic banner stands, our aluminium frames will make you think again about cheap banner stands and make you happy to put your name to them.

Need a banner stand solution for 2015

If banner stands are on your to do list as you plan for 2015, be sure to get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you stand out from the crowd this year, and give you a banner solution you can be proud of. Something you (and us) will be more than happy to put your name on.

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