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The strut card – 5 reasons to use this with your brand

Placing advertising and marketing material at your point of sale has long been a trick of the trade in lots of businesses, especially those in retail and the food industry. Strut cards are the choice of such material for many businesses for many reasons, but in the age of digital technology, hash tags and bright… Read more »

5 things to consider when designing strut cards

Strut cards are a great marketing tool. They are convenient, engaging and very appealing, when done correctly. But how do you create a strut card that will work for you and your business? Well, we’ve devised our top five tips to help you better understand the process of designing a strut card.

Standing out at an exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows are one of the most competitive spaces to try and sell your product or service. While these types of shows are great for getting you in contact with customers, they also put you in contact with your competitors. This makes it even more important to ensure you stand out at an… Read more »