Wedding Stationery. Tips for the big day!

Wedding Stationery. Tips for the big day!

Wedding StationeryWhether you’re planning your own wedding, a client’s or a friend’s, you’ll want everything to be perfect, including your wedding stationery. Fortunately, we have a wealth of experience in providing a wide range of wedding stationery for wedding planners and happy couples alike so here’s a quick guide to help you plan for the big day.

Make sure your stationery suits your wedding

The more formal your wedding, Wedding Invitationsthe more formal you’ll want your stationery. We stock a huge range of premium and luxury papers to really bring your creativity to life, from the always popular Sirio Pearl Polar Dawn, to the textured Gesso with its hammer effect felt mark.

Similarly for less formal weddings, your wedding invitation printing can show a more flexible style, maybe using coloured papers to give an informal feel. The full range of papers, finishes and weights can be found on our website, so have a look to find what suits you best.

Think ahead
Remember your wedding invitations need to be sent weeks in advance and ordered well in advance of sending, so give yourself time to look at all your options and decide on the perfect style. Are you sending different invites to those who are coming to the evening reception but not the ceremony? You’ll want to use the same style for both, although the evening invites may have a less formal feel.

And it’s not just the wedding itself. Are you sending invites for stag and hen parties or bridal showers? What about Thank You notes or cards for after the wedding? Our team have a huge amount of experience in printing everything surrounding your wedding, so have a look on our website or feel free to contact us for any help and advice you need.

Including a response card printed with your name and address is a great way to make sure people respond in good time. You’ll want your responses confirmed as early as possible, so why not make it easy for your guests with a printed card and a stamped addressed envelope.

Wedding InvitationThe perfect planning and printing team

If you’re a professional wedding planner, you’ll know how important it is to work with partners on whom you can depend and who understand exactly what’s involved in making everything go smoothly and without drama. We regularly work with wedding planners and organisers who know they can trust us to deliver professional results on time.

DIY made simple
There’s a lot to think about, especially if you’re planning and organising your own wedding. The format of your invites and other stationery; paper and colour choice; even wording. Remember your invites need to include your host, invitation line, the bride and groom, date and time, venue for the ceremony, reception location and a space for responding if you’re not including a separate response card.

Our experience makes us the perfect partner when it comes to printing all the stationery surrounding your wedding. You can even do it all online! We know how stressful planning a wedding can be, so let us help with all your wedding invitation printing and make your job – and life – a little bit easier.

Check out or contact us today and find out how we can help with your preparations for your big day.

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