What’s so great about strut cards?

What’s so great about strut cards?

Strut cards are perfect POS marketing. From A5 size right up to A3, strut cards are ideal for all sorts of locations like counter tops, shelving, bars and reception areas. They’re strong, portable and always visible at the point of sale. That makes them highly effective, economical marketing tools you can use again and again. They draw attention to promotions, offers and products and can reach a much wider audience over a longer period than online advertising.

How to make strut cards work for you

Strut cards serve a completely different purpose to leaflets and brochures that often contain a lot of information. Your strut card should draw attention to a product or offer in a snappy and immediate way. That means you can get really creative with the design. The message should be simple and easily read. Grab the attention with a clever headline and contrasting colours. Use a great image or graphic to really draw the eye and get your message noticed.

Stick to your main message

Strut cards are typically used to promote a particular product, service, discount or offer, so don’t muddy the waters with too much information. Decide on your message then say it quickly and obviously.

Get straight to a call to action

Get the attention with your headline or image then make it easy for people to make a purchase or find out where to get more information. You can entice customers to buy or drive them to your website or social media pages via a web address or QR code. Alternatively, include a phone number or email address and remember that any invitation to take action should be clearly displayed.

Tease with a clever headline

If the main purpose of your strut card is to drive traffic online or if your strut card is introducing a new product or service think of a clever, teasing headline that will get the attention and pique people’s curiosity, then they’ll be much more likely to scan a QR code or visit a website to find out what it’s all about. They might not buy straight away, but they’ll remember your promotion and could well become customers in the future. Another great advantage of strut cards is that they can keep working for you even when they’re no longer on display – and that’s real value for money advertising.

Get started with strut cards and get your business growing

At DigitalPrinting.co.uk we supply strut cards in A5, A4 and A3 sizes, portrait and landscape. They’re printed on our HP Indigo digital presses that our customers know produce the best quality digital print available. Have your strut card matt or gloss laminated to make it extra strong and extremely durable so they’re ideal for use anywhere. To find out more about strut cards, see our comprehensive product range and get an instant quote, visit www.DigitalPrinting.co.uk today.

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