Why the Curvorama can help you really stand out

Why the Curvorama can help you really stand out

Display stands are a great way of standing out at exhibitions or creating an impact when a potential customer enters your store or office. They can be a very cost effective promotional tool if used correctly and something that you can get a lot out of. From simple pop up stands to roll up stands, hanging banners and curved stands, creating the right first impression and making that a lasting one is something that business owners strive to get right.

If you would really like to make an impact with a display stand then look no further than the wonderful Curvorama. The Curvorama is a unique and flexible 5 panel banner display that is easy to set up, transport and use. Perfect news if you are looking for a pop up solution to take with you easily to your local, national and international trade shows.

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 The Curvorama is a revolutionary portable display designed to adapt to any venue. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider Curvorama for your business:

It’s Light:

The Curvorama stand is much lighter than similar stands and weighs between 11kg and 15kg. Other pop up stands can weigh up to 30kg – 40kg and may not be the easiest to transport. In fact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that females should lift no more than 16kg manually while for males it is 25kg. This lighter weight makes the Curvorama easy to lift and carry about. The weight also makes it easy to set up and take down the stand.

Easy to Use:

The stand is also easy to use and assemble which is great news if you are looking for a quick and easy set up at an exhibition or trade show. The use of instant self-aligning joins and counter-balanced curves make the Curvorama quick and easy to set up. Magnetic joining allows you to simply click each unit into place allowing you to set up your display in no time at all.

Easy to Transport:

Getting your stands to and from the office or place of work to your next trade show or exhibition can be a challenge. The Curvorama is compact and easily folds into a carrier case meaning you can forget about slogging banner stands around and simply carry your banner from exhibition to exhibition. The case is extremely compact and fits into a car or even as hand luggage with some airlines enabling you to truly take your display on the road.

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Utilises Shell Space:

The Curvorama stand can adapt to help you to get the most from a shell space at an exhibition. It can fill your whole display space in an impressive manner without taking up any of your floor space. This will allow you use the rest of your space effectively to showcase your product or service. (Curvorama’s universal wall-mounting clips required)

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The material used to make the Curvorama stand is extremely durable and will last for many years meaning you get great use and exceptional value from the stand. The Curvorama can also be shaped to fit different shaped shell spaces allowing you to use it from one trade show to the next.

Continuous Graphics:

The instant joining feature of the Curvorama allows for your graphics to appear as one continuous graphic which can really help give the desired impact you want from a promotional stand. You no longer need to worry about struggling with aligning graphics and getting everything into place when it comes to your display banner. The Curvorama does all this for you and does it very easily, again saving you time and allowing you to get on with other tasks at hand.

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All in one:

The Curvorama is also a great all in one display stand choice. Depending on the size of the space you are working with, sometimes a single pop up stand can be the best choice for your display. The Curvorama allows each unit to be used individually as well as being combined to form one large banner allowing you to fill your space no matter how large or small it is.

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Each Curvorama Compact Kit includes:

• 1 x 600mm Wheeled Case
• 2 x 600mm Flexible Rails
• 3 x 600mm Straight Rails
• 5 x Sets of Legs
• 5 x Sets of Feet

For more information on how the Curvorama can help you stand out at your next exhibition or in your shop or office, contact us today.

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