3 Ways printed brochures can help you win business

3 Ways printed brochures can help you win business

Brochures have long been a common marketing tool in both B2B and B2C organisations, but they are much more than a way of providing customers with information. Brochures can be a great way of helping you generate leads and sales for your business. Below we take a look at 3 ways that printed brochures can help you generate more business for your company, regardless of your industry.

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How can a printed brochure help get you sales?

1. Tangible offers in your customers hand

The big advantage of using brochures is that it provides your customer with something tangible, something they can physically grab to take with them and read at home. This is particularly useful if your product is one that may require a substantial investment such as a car, computer, or even a house. A brochure allows you to list the many benefits of your product and gives your customer time to look into your offering before deciding on the purchase.

If we take the example of buying a car, a customer will be more likely to deal with a supplier who provides them with an informative brochure with prices than one who simply tries to make a sell without adding anything to the buying experience. Printed brochures provide you with a great opportunity to get your message into the hands of your customers – a message that they can take time to think about.

2. Detail, detail, detail

Flyers, leaflets, posters and even banners are all limited in terms of what you can put onto them. With these forms of printed media it really is a case of less is more as you need to make the most important things visible to your customers. You have a limited space to work with and creativity is crucial in whether or not you can make a sale.
Brochures offer something different, and whether you are planning on using them instore, at a trade show or as a direct mail campaign, brochures allow you to go into more detail on your offering. Explain exactly what it is you are offering and don’t worry about the limited space. Brochures allow you to express yourself and really tell a story to sell your product or service. Remember the importance of detail when it comes to creating your next brochure.

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3. Include vouchers or coupons to drive sales

As well as providing a platform to provide your customer with detailed information on a product or service, brochures can also be a great way to insert coupons and vouchers. These can be a great way to encourage your customers to visit your shop or to drive customers to your website for online offers on particular products.
It’s not just vouchers and coupons that can work well in brochures. As printed brochures tend to have multiple pages, they are a great way to insert leaflets promoting new product launches, special offers or upcoming events.

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