5 Twitter accounts from the world of print to get following

Twitter has quickly established itself as a must have social media platform for all types of business. The printing industry is just one of many that help businesses keep up to date with latest news, trends and offers in 140 characters.

We are quickly getting used to Twitter ourselves having launched our own Digital Printing account this year and in our short time on the site we have managed to find some great printing accounts to follow. We thought we would share five of our favourite accounts with you today so if you are on Twitter and want to keep up to date with news from the print and design industries we suggest you give these accounts a follow.

1. Print Magazine (@printmag):

Print is a bimonthly magazine that looks at all things visual. The Print website (www.printmag.com) is full of great ideas and inspiration for all areas of print and has some great competitions and contributors on the page. All this great content is shared on a daily basis on their Twitter page which has managed to amass a following of over 560,000 fans. If you want some great design inspiration then @printmag is one account worth following.

2. HP Print (@HPPrint):

HP have long been one of the industry leaders when it comes to printing and the Digital Printing warehouse is a familiar place for many a HP Indigo printer. The HP Print twitter account is solely focused on providing tweets on information relating to the print industry (something we really like). We really love this recent tweet from them highlighting some tips on going green when printing, something we continue to do here at Digital Printing.


It’s tweets like this and information that people want to find out about that has helped @HPPrint to build a following of over 46,000 on Twitter.

3. Print Week (@PrintWeek):

Print Week is the UK’s largest print website and has become a hub for up to the date news in the world of printing over the past few years. Their twitter page provides some great insights and examples of how print is being used creatively today and we loved this recent example of Fiat billboards. We do love creative billboards here at Digital Printing and this one wouldn’t look out of place on our recent blog post of 10 of our favourite billboards from around the world. The Print Week twitter page has a real personal feel to it which is great and with over 11,000 followers, this is one print resource you need to follow on Twitter.

4. Printing News (@PrintingNews):

Printing news is another great resource for news relating to the world of print. The account belongs to the website www.myprintresource.com and provides you with plenty of print related news (as the name suggests). Printing news has almost 13,000 followers with some very informative tweets for you to get through on a daily basis.

5. Graphic Display World (GDWtweets):

The final Twitter account on our list is Graphic Display World. Tweets from @GDWtweets cover a wide range of printing disciplines including digital printing and the account is just short of 6,000 followers. You might even get the odd wee surprise from this account in the form of song lyrics like the recent tweet below which was about wide format printing.

So there you have it guys, five of our favourite Twitter accounts that we strongly suggest you get following. There is one final account that we feel is particularly special and that you all should be following. That’s our very own Digital Printing twitter account, @DigitalPrint101. Be sure to let us know what you think of the list and let us know if there are any accounts you would suggest adding to it.

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