How are business cards made?

How are business cards made?
How Are Business Cards Made

We all know that high-quality business cards can elevate your brand’s reputation and facilitate business growth, but do we know how they are actually made? You might think that it’s a simple enough process. But in fact, there are a lot more intricacies than you might think. By providing an informative step-by-step guide, is going to provide the answer to everyone’s burning question: “How are business cards made?”

What paper to use for business cards?

A key aspect of choosing the right paper for business cards relates to paper stock. Stock, for those that don’t know, refers to the thickness of the card itself – the thicker the card is, the better! Although offer business cards from 300gsm upwards, to really strike a chord with your potential clients, we recommend investing in luxury business cards.

Luxury business cards at range from 540gsm to a staggering 1190gsm. By handing out our luxury business cards to customers, clients and partners, you’ll show your business in the best light possible, sparking interest in your brand and what it has to offer. Remember: no one wants to be handed a flimsy, lightweight and standard quality piece of stationery.

Best finish for business cards?

The perfect business card finish is dependant on the end product you want to achieve and/or your brand’s core values. For those who want a contemporary, muted and sleek effect, we recommend going with matt lamination. Further, matt lamination is more effective on business cards that are text-heavy.

If you want your business cards to sing, go with gloss lamination. This provides a shiny and glittering effect that really does stand out from the crowd. Gloss lamination is further recommended for business cards with lots of imagery and vibrant colours.

What to put on a business card?

It may seem obvious, but the information included on business cards will have a significant bearing on their utility to potential customer and clients. At a minimum, your business cards should include:

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Job Title
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Logo

High-quality business cards at

At, we offer business cards in a variety of styles, including: rectangular, square, round cornered and folded. You can choose the standard business card size of 85mm x 55mm, or take your pick from the following options: 90mm x 50mm, 90mm x 55mm or 170mm x 55mm folded cards. When designing a business card, ensure that your background colour extends into the bleed area to avoid any undesired white borders. Visit our Support page for further assistance.

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