Leaflets V Technology: How leaflets have stood the test of time

Leaflets V Technology: How leaflets have stood the test of time

Leaflets have been a friend for the world of business for a very long time. Despite all of technologies advances – the printed leaflet has remained inside the doors of every business, big and small (and of course outside too!). Many of us take the idea of leaflets for granted, assuming businesses – shops, restaurants, take aways, hairdressers etc. will have them available and if not, you’re likely to be left feeling frustrated or disappointed.

In today’s blog post, we take a look at the various different reasons leaflets have become an expected and demanded marketing tool and how they have managed to stand the test of time in the business world.

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Top 5 Reasons why leaflets work in the business world

1. Leaflets are tangible

We live in a world surrounded by technology. People carry laptops, phones, tablets and all sorts of gadgets in order to access information easily, yet – the leaflet has remained. Despite all of the developments in technology, people still love something tangible. We like to touch, feel, hold and read paper, this could be because it gives us a better sense of the brand and of course, it is something we can keep.

2. Leaflets are creative and useful in everyday leaflets

Technology is indeed a creative tool but it is not something that allows us to feel or touch, as explained above. Printing leaflets allows us to get creative with their use, for example, some people put magnets into their leaflets, allowing them to stick to fridges etc. This is a great creative tool that makes leaflets useful.

3. Leaflets are changeable

You can’t change your website easily but if one day you wake up and want to rebrand, then printing new leaflets will not be a problem. Leaflets have stood the test of time because they offer so much freedom to the business owner; leaflet designs are an open book.

4. Leaflets are convenient

Small details like having contact details on a leaflet mean that your customer or potential customer will never have to go looking for you. In today’s fast paced world, you can not underestimate the value of such convenience.

5. Leaflets don’t fail, slow down or become slow to load

A PDF or online version of a leaflet may be slow to load and of course won’t always be accessible when a phone has died or you may not have internet connection. The truth is, there is nothing more reliable that a leaflet – providing you have the most recent version of course!

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