3 ways to make your headline stand out when designing flyers

3 ways to make your headline stand out when designing flyers

The use of leaflets and flyers are a common promotional tool for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. The ability to hand your customer something physical to explain an upcoming promotion or event or even to provide information on your product or service will mean that flyers will have a role to play in the marketing mix for years to come.

When it comes to designing and creating a flyer, ultimately, you want your customers to read it. This means ticking a number of boxes including getting your message right, making sure the layout is easy to follow and ensuring it has a specific call to action. There is no point investing your time and money in creating a flyer (or maybe even a series of leaflets), if you don’t have a clear objective or goal that you wish to achieve. If you want to drive traffic to your website then you make this very visible on your flyer. If you want them to visit your shop or purchase products in a sale, then again, you make sure this is clear on your flyer.

Getting your message to your audience will all be down to your design and how you choose to promote your message via the flyer. We previously looked at 10 ways to make your flyer stand out, and one of these was with the headline. The headline is one of the best ways to catch the attention of your customers with a flyer, and will often be the first thing they see. It is therefore vital that your headline stands out.

To help you create the perfect headline for your next flyer, here are 3 tips to follow.

1. Clear and easy to read:

When you are thinking of headlines that catch the eye, it’s hard not to think of newspaper headlines. One of the main reasons newspaper headlines can be so powerful is that they are clear and easy to read. The font used is always clear and the spacing makes it easy for the person reading it to understand the message being told. When you think of the competition for space on the newspaper rack, it’s easy to see just why it is so important to have a headline that catches the eye. When you are creating your next flyer, remember the newspaper and how clear their headlines are to read.

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2. Short and to the point:

Looking at the newspaper again, one thing that is a constant with newspaper headlines is their length. They are never too long and the words within the headline tend to be short and easy to understand. You don’t want to create a headline that is so long that your customers get bored looking at it or that contains words that are so long, it takes up space. When creating a headline for a flyer, try to keep your words to a minimum. As a guide, try to keep your headline at six words or less and use no more than two lines.


3. Include colour:

In all printed material, colour is key. The use of colour in advertising has been extremely powerful over the years and it manages to evoke an emotional reaction among customers. Our eyes are attracted to colour and certain colours have a psychological effect on us. Consider using colours that complement each other so that the text and background work well together in getting your key message across. Don’t include too much colour in your flyer though as it can become too busy and difficult for your customer’s eyes to transact everything that is happening.

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How important is the headline to you?

Do you spend much time when it comes to thinking about your headline? Some of the most effective advertising of years gone by has caught the eye because of a well thought out headline. If the headline is going to play a key part on the impact of your flyer, be sure to give careful consideration to what you include in it.

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