Printing ideas to boost your business

Printing ideas to boost your business
Printing Ideas to Boost Your Business

It’s a competitive world out there. Every day businesses large and small face new challenges and it can sometimes be hard to see how you can rise above the crowd, especially if budgets are tight. Fortunately there a number of tried and tested marketing products that can really help businesses to grow and prosper. 

Here are our top five cost-effective printing ideas to boost your business:

1. Postcards
2. Booklets
3. Folded leaflets
4. Custom stickers
5. Roll up banner stands

What can I use a postcard for?

Once used mainly to tell friends or relatives “wish you were here” (even if you didn’t) postcards have been transformed into adaptable and highly effective pieces of marketing. They can be used as direct mail, inserts in magazines or newspapers, handouts or displayed on tables and counters. Postcards are great for advertising special offers, new products, exclusive prices or introducing your new venture. Their size, value and adaptability make postcards perfect for all sorts of promotions.

What’s the difference between a folded leaflet and a flyer?

Some people refer to any single page leaflet as a flyer but generally, flyers are flat sheets while folded leaflets typically have four panels (bi-fold) or six panels (tri-fold). There’s a huge range of flat sizes so if you’ve more to say than you can on a postcard or flyer but not enough to warrant a booklet then a folded leaflet is exactly what you need. They’re great for display, mailing or distribution by hand. Folded leaflets are really cost-effective and there are a number of styles so you can get really creative with your design. Have a look at our range and simply choose the one that best suits your needs.

When would I use a booklet?

Booklets and brochures can have as little as eight pages or as many as 700. You might print a booklet as a catalogue, price list, when launching a new product range, starting a new company, or if you simply want to let everyone know you’re here and ready for business. Booklets can be as small as A6 (pocket-size) or as large as A3 (definitely not pocket-size). They’re much more effective at showing products or information than online shops as people can browse at their leisure and booklets cost much less than you might think.

How are stickers used in marketing?

How long have you got? Custom stickers are used as branding on packaging, customised address labels, to update existing print, on product packaging to advertise deals or offers, to brand envelopes, as free gifts and in guerrilla marketing campaigns. With sizes ranging from 25mm diameter to A3, sticker marketing is an excellent way to grow your brand and let people know you’re there.

What’s a roll up banner stand?

Roll up stands are a large piece of high quality printed vinyl that rolls up from (and back into) a metal housing. Simply roll out the graphic, attach the top to the light aluminium pole and hey presto! You have a 2m tall piece of marketing that you can simply pack and carry away. Roll up banner stands are great for trade shows, events, malls, foyers, reception areas and shops. They really let people know you mean business and a roll up banner can cost as little as £23. Affordable and highly effective advertising that can go anywhere and everywhere!

Want to boost your business? Well, that’s what we do!

For 30 years we’ve worked with UK businesses to help them grow and increase their sales. At we supply high-quality print at exceptional value for money. All of our print is guaranteed with the DP Guarantee so you know you’ll always the quality you rely on, delivered wherever and whenever you need it. To boost your business with perfect print simply visit today.

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