Why your business needs quality stationery

Why your business needs quality stationery
Quality Stationery

Quality stationery is often overlooked by fledgeling businesses ready to make their mark on the industry. And who’s to blame them: in this digital age, it’s easy to dedicate the entirety of one’s efforts to online channels in a bid to achieve maximum brand exposure. Nevertheless, quality business stationery remains an effective marketing tool. In this post, DigitalPrinting.co.uk highlights just how important quality stationery really is.

What is business stationery?

Business stationery refers to a collection of business-related documents that aid in the day-to-day running, correspondence and marketing efforts of companies both large and small. For example, available at DigitalPrinting.co.uk, the following products would be classed as business stationery items:

But why is quality stationery so important?

Quality stationery shows professionalism

In business, first impressions matter. A lot. When you’re first starting out, your reputation is your lifeblood. With this in mind, if you hand customers and clients shoddy business stationery, what is that supposed to say about your brand? Quality stationery, on the other hand, gives credibility to your business. It positions you as an authority within your field whilst enhancing your professional reputation. This, in turn, makes customers and clients feel more comfortable about starting a relationship with your business, thus accelerating purchasing decisions.

Quality stationery is great for networking

High-quality business stationery items, such as luxury business cards, are great for building brand exposure and gaining leads. As opposed to irritating pop-up messages online, business cards offer a tangible method of communicating with potential customers. Not only are they much more likely to consume the information provided on a physical product, but there’s also always the chance that they’ll hand over the business card to their peers when they’re finished with it.

Quality stationery fosters relationships

Quality stationery enables businesses to connect with their customers and clients in a meaningful way. Compliment slips, for example, allow business owners to personally thank their customers for purchasing products or services. By doing this, customers feel a greater sense of appreciation, thus enhancing their brand loyalty. What’s more, delighted customers may tell their peers about such amazing customer service, promoting word-of-mouth advertising.

Business starter kits at DigitalPrinting.co.uk

At DigitalPrinting.co.uk, we understand the struggles of those unsure about where to start in regard to business stationery. Therefore, we have created a convenient business starter kit to help get you off the ground.

In our business starter kit, you get equal quantities of:

  • A4 Letterhead – 210mm x 297mm
  • Compliment slip – 210mm x 99mm
  • Business cards – 85mm x 55mm

To order, supply your own artwork as a PDF file and set it up with crop marks and a bleed of 3mm on solid colours and images.

To view the rest of our high quality stationery items for business, visit www.DigitalPrinting.co.uk.

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