How do see-through window graphics work?

How do see-through window graphics work?

contravision-2There are few more striking and noticeable forms of printed marketing than see-through window graphics. We see them everywhere from high street shops to buses and company vehicles. The great news is that today they’re more affordable than ever and that means small businesses or startups can really benefit from this highly effective form of advertising. But how do they work?

How are they see-through?

See-through window graphics are only printed on one side. However, unlike most other printed marketing the print is applied in dots leaving up to half of the surface print-free and therefore completely transparent. The human eye reacts to light – or reflected light. On the printed side the eye focuses on the coloured areas and is tricked into ignoring those parts of the material where there is no print. This means we see the print but not the transparent areas.

So why are they not see-through from both sides?

On the rear unprinted side of see-through window graphics, the printed dots are covered precisely with a black backing which absorbs light while the unprinted parts remain completely clear. From this side the eye is tricked into only seeing the areas where light passes through, virtually ignoring the black, colourless areas. This makes the entire graphic appear see-through.

Can I only use the graphics on windows?

See-through window graphics can be used on any window or glass surface such as retail or business windows, bus shelters, phone boxes and vehicle windows.

Not only are they extremely noticeable even from a distance but they reduce UV light and glare and heat from the sun – great if it shines directly into your shop or office. They also give you privacy from passers-by. Many businesses use see-through window graphics on the side and back windows of company vehicles allowing the driver and passengers to see out while everyone outside the vehicle can clearly see the advertising printed on the exterior.

New lower prices for your very own see-through graphics

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