Traditional banners V online banner advertising

Traditional banners V online banner advertising

Traditional banners (e.g. outdoor banners or roller banners) have long been a staple in the marketing world, and online banner advertising is nothing new either, having been around for 18 years. Whilst internet advertising is a great way to market your business, it isn’t always about online banner advertising. We take a look at the pros and cons of the printed banner and online banner world and see how each one could help or hinder your business.


Banner advertising online will of course mean more people will see your banner. However, what effect does this have? According to Comscore, the typical Internet user is served 1,707 banner ads per month and smart insights reports that for every 1000 advert shown, there is an average of only one click. Have we seen so many examples of banner advertising that we simply view it as junk? It seems that many of us are simply seeing banner advertising as a nuisance because it is not engaging enough.

Reach is important, but reaching the right people is also vital. A high quality banner advertisement outside your business will attract customers and bring traffic to your door step.



Creativity and space

Creativity and space in advertising is key. Regardless of what your business aims are, you need to have an original, bold and engaging advertisement. More often than not, online banner advertisements will limit you to both space and in turn, creativity.

Printed banners (billboards included) come in all different shapes and sizes; they offer you the chance to get creative and you can also opt for a quality printed banner, to reflect on the quality of your business. Despite the popularity of online banner advertising, even huge companies like Gucci still rely on traditional billboard banner advertising to make an impact.


Source: Planninglawblog

Personal touch

How many online banner advertisements do you see a day that appeal to you personally? It’s difficult to relate to a customer in such a short space and online banner advertising will only give you a few seconds, as the reader is likely to be looking for something else; unrelated to your advert.

A banner outside your business or a banner placed in a strategic location, if effective (creative, engaging, maybe even humorous) will draw your audience. Perhaps they will be stuck in traffic or simply passing by, but they are likely to spend more time looking at your banner as they are not surrounded by 100’s of other intrusive interactive banners.


All advertising is great advertising, and we firmly believe that the right online banner could be very effective in connecting with your audience. We just think it’s a little bit trickier and with some many companies now choosing to reach an audience via blogging and great content, abrupt and intrusive banner advertising could soon become a less preferred way on connecting with your audience.

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