Why banners can make a huge impact in your shop

Why banners can make a huge impact in your shop

In any shop environment; whether it is a high street retailer, your local butcher or hairdresser, a large hardware shop or even a fashion outlet, making the right impression with customers when they come through your doors is always important. In today’s ever challenging retail environment (where e-commerce and m-commerce continue to grow) the need to make the right first impression has never been so important. Step forward the banner!

What is a banner?

Banners essentially come in two styles – roll up banner stands or vinyl banners. Roll up stands can also be known as pull up or roller banner stands because they are banner stands that you either roll or pull up to display your message. The normal height of a roll up banner stand is 2 metres while the width tends to fall into 3 sizes:




Vinyl banners on the other hand are banner signs printed onto vinyl material that can be attached inside or outside your shop to help promote a range of products or special offer. Vinyl banners can be any size and can really make an impact inside or outside your shop.

Vinyl banners - Digital Printing

So why should you consider using banners instore?

1. Impact:

Banner stands and vinyl banners can make a huge impact in your shop particularly when used at your shop entrance. They are a great way to promote special offers and colours and images can really help you connect with customers. Check our recent article on the psychology of colour in print to see which colours can be warming and really grab the customer’s attention. The entrance to your shop is the only area you are guaranteed that visitors will see so do your best to make it a truly impactful and memorable experience. Use banner stands to promote your latest offers or let potential customers know about your offering. Banners can also provide a great visual aid to draw customers into your shop and if done professionally can really help make a good first impression.

2. Point of Sale:

The role of point of sale in a retail environment is huge. During busy shopping periods and weekends in particular where footfall increases, your point of sale can really help you in the sales process. Make banner stands be the king of your point of sale team and inform your customers of what is happening in your shop. Banners offer you much more space than standard shelf talkers and bus stop signs so utilise this space to really shout about your offerings.

3. Quality print and visuals:

Unlike your other shop point of sale, banner stands and vinyl banners provide you with a high quality print finish. This means that your visuals can really stand out. Quality images can really help you make a connection with your customer and also provide another hook in grabbing their attention. Visuals are just another reason to invest in banner stands.

Banner display stand - quality images - Digital Printing

4. Promote your USP:

The large area that banner stands and vinyl banners provide, allow you to really promote your unique selling points. Use this space to highlight the benefits of your product or service, shout about your price or showcase the quality in your goods. It also provides you with an area to reinforce your brand.

5. Create areas in your shop:

Banner stands in particular can help you create different areas in your shop that will provide customers with all the information they will need on your goods or services. Let banners guide the customer around your store and act as a silent salesperson.

6. Storage:

A final reason to consider investing in banner stands and vinyl banners is their storage benefits. The ease of storing these products and the lack of space they take up make them an ideal marketing tool for seasonal promotions.

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