Considering the effectiveness of leaflets today

Considering the effectiveness of leaflets today

Print is no stranger to the criticism from or one or two people who believe that it simply isn’t effective anymore. To that, we say – you’re wrong! Leaflets have stood the test of time and it’s a well known fact that leaflet printing and the distribution of leaflets is a superbly effective method of marketing.

Designing the right leaflet will play a key role in how effective your leaflet will be and so will your delivery strategy. Find out how you can get both these things right and get to grips with the real potential of leaflets in today’s blog post.

Giving your leaflet the best start

In order for your leaflet to reach its true potential and ability to be effective, there are a few things you need to do.

1. Design

People will only read your leaflet if it is immediately appealing. Ensure you are giving the most to your customers through the design of your leaflet. If you don’t have the in house talents to achieve this then outsource it to guarantee you achieve the very best possible and most professional results.

2. Distribution

Target, segment and understand. Data is everything; you need to define your customer and appeal to this market. There is no use having a high end professional leaflet and targeting people who simply can’t afford your product and in the same way there is no use targeting a low end product to people who will overlook it, as they can afford something more expensive.

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Get this right and what’s next?

So, after you’ve got the basics of leaflet design and distribution ready. You need to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Usually, you would include some kind of tracking measurement throughout your campaign – like a voucher, or discount code or you’d ask people to follow you on twitter or like you on Facebook.

To track your success, when customers contact you, you should

–        Ask they where they heard about you

–        Keep track of coupons/discount codes

–        Note your social media analytics/growth.

Need more convincing?

If you still aren’t sold on the effectiveness of leaflets – we’ve got some stats to help you get there. The following information was provided by and was compiled in February 2011.

1. 87% of consumers remember Door Drops, only 35% remember email. – Marketing Week

2. 84% of UK adults remember receiving a door drop leaflet in the past 2 weeks.- FreshMinds research for Royal Mail

3. 51% of UK adults think Door Drops are great for information on local services and events. -FreshMinds research for Royal Mail

4. 93% of consumers like getting door drop product samples, vouchers and offers.-FreshMinds research for Royal Mail

5. 23% of people keep Door Drops somewhere safe for future use.-FreshMinds research for Royal Mail

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