7 Reasons leaflets have a place in the beauty industry

7 Reasons leaflets have a place in the beauty industry

For many years now the beauty industry has used leaflets successfully both inside the business and outside. Today on the Digital Printing blog we take a look at reasons why leaflets are so prominent in this particular industry and how they continue to be relevant today.

Why leaflets work in the beauty industry

1. Leaflets are visual, and so is beauty

The beauty industry by its very nature is designed to appeal to our visual senses. A leaflet provides the business with the opportunity to showcase their offerings with examples of their work or their services. Using a leaflet to do this will also provide the business with the opportunity to supply the reader with descriptive text to advertise their service and prices, helping to inform the reader.

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2. Leaflets are the perfect size for the beauty industry

Unlike posters, leaflets provide lots of space for information that won’t look squashed, as well as branding but unlike booklets, leaflets are not too long. This means you are not in danger of boring your reader, leaflets offer you just the right amount of space.

3. Leaflets are dynamic

Thinking of doing a door to door mail campaign? Leaflets will work very well for this type of marketing because they are small, meaning the cost will be lower. In addition, leaflets are easy and accessible, they will not look out of place in your business, at your reception/waiting area, but they would also be easy to post.

4. Leaflets allow you to engage in branding

The beauty industry is fiercely competitive and so creating and maintaining a strong brand identity is essential. A leaflet will allow you the creative space to maintain a strong brand identity by implementing brand colours and fonts etc. Because your leaflet (if done correctly) will be likely to be widely distributed, branding will be an essential part of making your leaflet successful.

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5. Leaflets are cost effective

The beauty industry can be expensive to maintain – labour costs, keeping up with the latest products and equipment etc and so it’s important to save money where possible. Leaflets are a cost effective method of marketing if you choose a cost effective but quality orientated company. The price of printing leaflets is generally low, whilst you will save money it’s also vital that you ensure you are printing your marketing material with a quality focused and reputable printing company. Cheap leaflets will deter from your branding efforts.

6. Leaflets allow you to connect

A marketing method like a leaflet allows you to provide enough information to engage your audience but it’s vital at this point that you don’t bore them. Instead, use this opportunity to direct them to a larger source of information. Let your customers know you are on online by supplying them with a URL or do this in a tidier way – use a QR code.

7. Leaflets have a long shelf live
Both people who attend beauty salons regularly and those who only attend as a rare treat will keep a leaflet at hand e.g. on their fridge or in their phone table drawer because it in information that is accessible, tangible and convenient. Offering a service like beauty is personal and your audience will like to feel that they have something to physically hold onto when choosing a treatment and making a booking.


Image Source: Creattica

It’s clear that leaflets and the beauty industry make for a great companionship but leaflets should not be pigeon holed into just this type of industry. Leaflets are great for everyone, especially SME’S. If you’d like to find out more about printing leaflets or other marketing material, get in touch with our professional digital printing team today.

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